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Indigenous wines from Romagna Fully respecting our territory, we value native vines of Romagna Family Tradition From Father to Son, since 1985 we pursue the enhancement of the best wine traditions of Romagna through a family-run conduction GRAPES FULLY RESPECTED From the harvest of the grapes to the aging, the entire productive process is managed internally, in the full respect of the grape variety Wine Tour Book a visit of the winery with wine tasting, discover the area with the possibility of bike tours and tour guide News & events Follow our latest updates Slide

In the heart of Romagna

Founded in 1985. Tenuta Uccellina has been searching for the essence of “Romagna dei Vini”. The Founder, Alberto Rusticali, has always believed in the potential of traditional grapes of Romagna, seeking their most authentic expression. The adventure of Tenuta Uccellina began with Sangiovese, Albana and Trebbiano, and later enriched with other old Indigenous Grape Varieties of the local tradition: Uva Longanesi (Bursôn), Famoso (Rambëla). Even today the first two vines are cultivated on the hills in the areas of Brisighella (RA) and Forlì (FC), while the remaining ones are located in the plain, in Russi (RA), where you can also find the recently renovated winery.