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Ravenna Famoso IGP

Obtained from the Famoso vine, an ancient autochthonous grape of Romagna, the first historical notes of which date back to the Lugo Municipal Duties of 1437: “Rambëla, table grape sold fresh in the past on the squares”. A wine, is obtained through great efforts , research and experimentation, which in recent years has found a clear identity.
A dry white wine, fresh, medium-structured, floral and fruity, ideal paired with seafood dishes.

Grape Variety:

100% Vine Famoso

Method of Production:

Manual harvesting of grapes, soft pressing, Steel fermentation, aging in steel (3 months) and bottle.

Sensory Characteristics:

Straw-yellow color with greenish reflections, sweet floral hints and citrus fruit, in depth sage. Fresh, medium-structured and good acidity

Service and Matching:

Service temperature: 10-12° C. Matches: seafood dishes, sushi

Alcohol Temperature:



Nomacorc Select Green


Location Russi (RA), altitude 15 m.above sea level, south/east exposure, medium soil dough