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Bursôn Brut Rosè

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Vino Spumante brut

Brut sparkling wine obtained from Uva Longanesi vine, ancient native grape of the Ravenna plain saved and reproduced by the homonymous family in the ‘50s, since 1998 valued and pro-moted by the “Consorzio Il Bagnacavallo”. Certainly, the most atypical interpretation of the grape variety. The harvest of the grapes is followed by destemming and soft pressing; the must does not need to maintain contact with the skins, which immediately give up the anthocyanins. The fermentation takes place at low temperatures and the next in an autoclave where it remains for at least 6 months. It is obtained a sparkling wine rosè quality, that smells of small red fruits, where the variety is immediately manifested on the palate. Ideal with appetizers and fish dishes, excel-lent as an aperitif.

Grape Variety:

100% Vine Uva Longanesi

Method Of Production :

Manual harvesting of the grapes, first fermentation in steel, second fermentation in autoclave (6 months), aging in bottle

Sensory Characteristics:

Soft pink in colour, with a scent of small red fruits, fresh on the palate and good acidity

Service and Matching :

Service temperature: 8° C. Matches: aperitifs, appetizers and fish dishes

Alcohol Content:


Closure :


Location :

Location Russi (RA), altitude 15 m. above the sea level,south/east exposure, medium soil dough