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In the field we follow an integrated management system of control, trying to limit interventions to a minimum level, strictly related to the trend of the year. The grapes are harvested exclusively by hand, in order to discard damaged or unhealthy bunches, thus also limiting the use of additives in the cellar. we start from here to get great quality.


Our working method focuses on the maximum respect of the grapes, which after the initial de-stemming take different paths depending on their color.  The White Grapes are worked with a soft pressing through the membrane press, while the Black ones are placed in steel ferments equipped with a self-pumpover. We limit to the minimum the use of additives and adjuvants, and we always inoculate them with selected yeasts. This allows to always have the control of the final product, and to exclude the presence of biogenic amines and high acetic acid values.


The aging of our wines takes place partly in steel in contact with their fine lees to improve their taste and complexity, and partly in wood in 500l Tonneaux, managing at best new and old woods, for the maximum respect of the variety. All the cellar operations are run by us, also in the final stage, thanks to the bottling line and the own labeler.