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The philosophy of the company lies within the maximum respect of the grapes both in the field and in the cellar. The Management of the field is carried out in the full care of the environment, trying to minimize the phytosanitary treatments and interventions on the ground, according to the climate of the year. Only grapes in perfect health condition and at the right level of ripeness are harvested manually.
The Manual Harvesting leads to a deep selection of Grapes. The Health of the grapes allows to minimize the use of Sulphites in all stages of production. Each grape is handled in different ways, depending on the type of wine to produce and according to a decennial experience of winemaking.
Now, next to Alberto, figures his son Hermes Rusticali. Graduated in Viticulture and Oenology, with great resourcefulness, Hermes looks at the future experimenting new techniques and technologies with the aim of improving every day the quality level.


birth of Tenuta Uccellina


Alberto Rusticali since his youth helped his grandparents in the processing of grapes. In 1985 he founded Tenuta Uccellina. That year, the first land in the hills is rented.

first Sangiovese and Albana


With the first bottles of Sangiovese and Albana di Romagna, Tenuta Uccellina joins the “Ente Tutela Vini di Romagna” (currently called “Consorzio Vini di Romagna”) and the Enoteca Regionale

Albana VIP Award


Here it comes the first prize: Albana di Romagna DOCG 89' is proclaimed the “Albana of Vips” by “Ente Tutela Vini di Romagna”

Consorzio Il Bagnacavallo


The “Consorzio Il Bagnacavallo” is founded and Tenuta Uccellina becomes a founding member of it. The family starts with the processing of Uva Longanesi Vine, from that they will obtain today’s famous wine Bursôn

Bursôn Black Label


Launch on the Market of the First Vintage of “Bursôn Etichetta Nera”, from Longanesi grape harvested in 1998



Antonietta Anna Amoroso, Alberto’s wife, enters the company with the role of Commercial Management

Rambëla secco (Dry)


The work of valorization of native vines of Romagna continues with the first production of dry Rambëla, from the processing of grapes of variety Famoso Vine



Hermes Rusticali, Alberto and Antonietta's son, enters the Company.<br /> In the same year starts the construction of the New Winery in Russi (RA) in via Aldo Moro 23/1

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles


For the second consecutive year, Tenuta Uccellina’s Bursôn is awarded with the “Gran Gold Medal`` at the prestigious Concours Mundial de Bruxelles

The present & the Future


Hermes, recently graduated in Enology and Viticulture, assumes a central role in the Oenological Sector of the Company and then in the Commercial one